Software Engineer Bingo

Posted by Darin Pantley on November 20, 2017

Does your team care?

I’ve been thinking about how to hire good engineers. Dan Pupius, in Software Engineer Traits, distills what it means to be a “good engineer” down to four primary traits: curiosity, awareness, resoluteness, and empathy. In an attempt to validate whether these traits are sufficient, I started mapping useful skills that I look for in engineers to the four traits. The end result is Software Engineer Bingo.

Let’s find out

You can apply this rubric to an individual, a team, or even a broad organization. Compare results from multiple people to discover areas that need group consensus and improvement.

Ideally every engineer excels at everything, but realistically you’ll have a mix of strengths and weaknesses on any team. The best teams excel at everything by combining their strengths to address their weaknesses. This is very important to keep in mind while hiring new team members, because you want to hire new people who fill deficiencies in your current team.

Software Engineer Bingo